Friday, November 3, 2017


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I have been a fan of this company forever so it was a joy to do a review for them. I try not to get involved with all the chaos that is in the world these days. I find it is much smarter to be as peaceful as I can be and to pray. Clay and I have much to say on the subject of peacefulness and at age 55 and 60 we have been blessed with a young soul in each of us. We enjoy the friendship of many MANY friends who are much - much younger than we are.  We talk to on a regular basis and encourage them to be peaceful and enjoy life.  I think puzzles are a wonderful way to combat the stress that so many are experiencing these days... besides the fact that they are just plain fun! I think young and old need a "REFUGE" at their finger tips. I also feel that if you are like me and are a fiddler and thinker these are great way to expand your knowledge and to learn things. I love doing research and I hate to watch TV or travel without something to do. Clay on the other hand is amazing at puzzles. He can do puzzles so fast it blows my mind. I first noticed this when he started to take the Sunday paper and do the puzzles in record time. Each week I would actually look forward to this as I never in my life came upon someone that could do this! If you are a sweepstaker and someone that loves game Shows you should pick up this hobby as it would be a great competitve edge! Finally, let me say that PennyDell has the best puzzles ever they are affordable and loads of fun for the whole family a perfect gift for anyone! This is a great activity for Homeschoolers, school teachers, nurses, sales people -  I remember when I worked at Lazboy as a sales rep we would all work on the crossword puzzle together which was great fun- Get one for everyone in your family , your co-workers,- etc.. Perfect for the Holidays! A hit ALWAYS!!!!

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